Bike Bum Rules


  1. All participants must wear a properly fastened bike helmet during all events/inspections/ training/ practice and competition.
  2. The team/individual entry fee MUST BE PAID IN FULL and have a valid lift ticket/season pass when registering before any participant will be allowed to race.  
    1. Individual and Team sign up:
    2. Payment:  . Checks should be made payable to Killington Mountain Bike Club (KMBC). NO RUNS WILL BE ALLOWED UNTIL PAYMENT IS RECEIVED IN FULL. 
  3. Teams may be made up of any combination of categories. Teams will consist of a maximum of 5 people.  A minimum of three people are required for team points. 
  4. Individuals will be accepted and may race as an individual. 
  5. Unsportsmanlike behavior and/or use of profane or abusive language will not be tolerated, this will be a zero-tolerance policy. 
  6. Racers must cross the finish line with their bike. 
  7. Short cuts result in disqualification. If you leave the course, re-enter where you left. Racers may leave the course for repairs but must return to the exact location where they exited. 
  8. Racer protests must be filed in writing with the race director within 15 minutes of completing the race. 
  9. Names used must be legal names of registrants. No aliases or nicknames will be accepted. Legal signatures must appear next to listed team members and all registrants must sign the “Express Acceptance of Risks and Forum Selection Agreement”. If you are under 18, you will need a parent/guardian to sign your form. 
  10. Racing age is your age at the start of the race series (June 21, 2023) 
  11. No changes will be made to the registration form following the second race of Bike Bum. 
  12. All races will be green or blue-rated cross country courses. 
  13. The top 50 racers in each category will receive points assigned in reverse order each week. 
  14. In the event of a tie, it will be broken by the top 5 finishes, then the top 6 if needed, and so on. 
  15. Year-end standings will be based on an individual’s top 6 out of 9 finishes. Results for each race will be posted on the KMBC’s Facebook page as well as 
  16. Race organizers reserve the right to alter categories based on the total number of registrants. 

CANCELLATION POLICY: In the event of adverse weather, adverse trail conditions, or unforeseen circumstances, the race organizers reserve the right to any of the following actions: 

  • Delay Start
  • Reschedule Race
  • Move the start or finish of a course
  • Cancel the race

COVID POLICY: At any gathering or event, everyone should follow these general precautions: Wash your hands often, and stay home if you are sick. Do not participate if you are sick or have any symptoms of any kind.

VOLUNTEER: Volunteers will be needed for each race. Hours completed during Bike Bum will count towards 2023/2024 Merchant Pass volunteer hours. Volunteer waiver:

The Killington Mountain Bike Club (KMBC) is a local chapter of the Vermont Mountain Bike Association.

Become a member of the Killington Mountain Bike Club by purchasing a Vermont Mountain Bike Association membership and choosing KMBC as your home or a secondary chapter. Your support goes direct to expanding and maintaining the Sherburne Trails.

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